V01. Video Demonstrations: An Introduction to Projectile Motion

This will be your introduction to the 2-dimensional motion of projectiles.  A projectile is an object that has a horizontal motion as well as a vertical motion that is influenced by gravity.  You'll be studying projectiles in Chapter 4. 

After you watch the videos, there's an assessment to do.  The assessment includes some fairly simple questions that anyone who watched the video could answer correctly.  However, there are several questions that check whether you listened closely to the explanation of the key phenomenon being demonstrated.  In order to be assured of getting these explanations, take notes as you watch the videos.  Of course, you can always watch them again.

Note: We provide most of the video clips used in this course in both RealPlayer (rm) and Flash (flv) formats and a few of the clips as mpegs. In order to play the Flash versions, first download the small application, playflv.exe. This is a very small program that is a plug-in for Windows Media Player and allows it to play flv (flash video) files. Double click on the downloaded application to install it. You can view mpeg clips with Windows Media Player.

Video clip RealPlayer
Flash video
Windows Media
1. Projectile Motion - Dropped and Projected Coins RealPlayer Flash  
2. Projectile Motion - The Ballistic Cart RealPlayer Flash  
3. Shooting a Falling Target

This video was filmed and produced by students.
The MPEG version is high resolution.