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Last Announcement Forever, Sunday, May 24, 2015

I took the "School's Out Forever" photo at NCSSM in 2001 before the old boiler plant was demolished. The administration allowed students to cover the building with graffiti in advance of the demolition. (You may remember the time-lapse video from the beginning of the year.) Here's a wide view.

Grades are complete. The WebAssign gradebook is up-to-date. There's nothing more to add. As I mentioned before, you may be emailed later about filling out the final course evaluation. When you receive that notice, please follow through as soon as possible. It's important for NCSSM Online to have your feedback. I've given you plenty of feedback throughout the year; now it's your chance to provide some.

You've all come a long way this year and learned some physics and perhaps something about how to study, which is the most important thing in the long run. I wish you the best in your life's path.

For me, school really is out forever, as your class is my last. You still have a lot of schooling ahead of you and, of course, education is a life-long pursuit. It's been a privilege to help facilitate that process.

signing off,

Loren Winters


Tuesday, May 19

I've posted final scores and comments for L157 in WebAssign.

Be sure to do the analysis of L161 as part of your preparation for the test. I expect you to be familiar with all parts of the lab.

Monday, May 18

I've posted the schedule for the week.

Here's the cover page of the test.

Let's start using Canvas again for questions related to review for the test and completion of the course.

Have a good week!

Thursday, May 7

Here are a couple of reminders: 1) Plan ahead to inventory and ship your lab kit Saturday or sooner. This counts as a lab assignment worth 20 points. Remember to keep your tracking numbers; you'll need to enter them in the WA form. ii) The proctor notification assignment C15 is due Wednesday of next week.

I've posted the review assignment P155 which is due Monday, May 18. I recommend starting on this the latter part of next week. If you start too soon, you may be rusty by the time the test rolls around. The assignment includes two problems for which you I'm requiring you to submit solutions. There are also a number of recommended problems to aid in your review.

You may have noticed that the WebAssign gradebook has changed recently. I added the third quarter's work, so now you're seeing your current semester average with the exception of a few items that I haven't completed checking yet. Items remaining to be added are L199, C15, P155, and T8. In case you were wondering, the final exam counts about the same as a regular test, 10% of the semester grade.

Please don't use the Canvas forum for the coming week. Email me if you need to contact me.

Tuesday, May 5

Here are tips regarding free response on the AP exam. Be efficient in your responses. Write just what you need to answer the question according to the instructions. You don't have to show all the work that I expect for formal problem solutions. For example, you wouldn't write givens, goal, and checks. Diagrams and short descriptive or explanatory phrases can be helpful to a grader. Writing net force equations and drawing force diagrams are important to net force solutions. Specifying in writing the system and external forces for conservation problems isn't necessary. Showing your work symbolically is important. Don't substitute numbers until the last step. When you do, include units. If a question asks for an explanation, then provide one in sentence form. You may supplement this with equations, diagrams, or graphs. If the problem specifically says to use words only, then that's what you should do.

Remember to log in to the WX session tonight only if you have questions to ask. This is an optional attendance session.

I've posted final comments and scores for L165PL and L165 on BrainHoney.

I've checked P153 and entered comments and grades. Here are notes on the solutions.

I don't expect to update announcements on this page until further notice. If I have an announcement, I'll email you.

Good luck on the AP exam!

Monday, May 4

I've posted the notification assignment for Test 8. Note that it's due a week from Wednesday instead of the usual Friday. This is the only assignment due next week.

I've also updated the schedule to the final.

Saturday, May 2

I've checked L165PL and posted comments. See the prelab follow up section on the L165 instruction page. You may need to refresh the page.

Grades aren't necessarily final. You may have revisions to do. I recommend completing these are resubmitting by noon Sunday to BrainHoney. I'll form groups for discussing solutions based on the degree of completion of your work.

I've posted the schedule for the coming week. There's some review for Monday and Tuesday, AP Exam Wednesday, and inventory and return your lab equipment by Saturday.

Friday, May 1

Be sure to check the key for E.21.3, particularly the last problem. In the explanation, it's important to subscript the symbols P, V, I, and R. The naked symbols without subscripts aren't meaningful. It's necessary to specify power dissipated by what, voltage across what, current in what, resistance of what. The subscript says what the what is.

Just a reminder for Sunday's session to have your circuits equipment available. Also, have some sticky tape handy, as you'll need to tape some resistors together.

Progress reports should be available this afternoon.

Wednesday, April 29

Here's the updated schedule of key dates for the rest of the year.

Tuesday, April 28

I've checked L161PL. Be sure to have your circuits equipment available for taking measurements tonight, unless you've already completed L161D and received my approval for all results.

Whether you complete L161D in advance of the WX or not, you're still required to sign in at the usual time. I'll start with some preliminary review for the exam. After that, you can check out if you've completed L161D.

Monday, April 27

See Sunday's announcement if you haven't already read it.

If you're taking the AP exam, consider starting your review this week. I've posted resources for example questions on the AP Info page. By getting an early start, you can identify areas in which you may be weak and need extra study.

Have a good week!

Sunday, April 26

I've posted the coming week's schedule.

If you submitted L159, I've done one of two things:

  1. If your data was ok, I checked your report and posted a final grade and comments.
  2. If your data wasn't ok, I emailed you about checking it.

If you didn't submit L159, you must submit it today in order that I can check the data. Don't put yourself in a position where you might not be able to continue with the next circuits lab.

Thursday, April 23

Open this page to review your results on the multimeter tutorial. It's important to do this in order to make sure that you're ready for the next circuits lab, L159. You'll be measuring resistance, current, and potential difference in that lab.

Wednesday, April 22

Here's the PowerPoint from last night with the key dates for the rest of the course.

Tuesday, April 21

Note that a circuits lab (L159) is due Friday (or Saturday if you take an extension). Plan ahead for this. (Don't start until after the WX session, where you'll learn how to measure voltage, current, and resistance.)

Here's a reminder that the next and last Sunday WX session is May 3, a week from Sunday. You'll be returning your lab equipment after that time, but don't return it until I provide more information.

Monday, April 20

I've checked the tests and entered comments in item T7 in BrainHoney. I've also checked P151 and E.19.2 and entered comments and scores.

This is another reminder to make sure you have your circuits equipment and fresh batteries ready for use during Tuesday's WX session.

We have just 2 weeks of new content left to complete the AP Physics 1 curriculum. That's one section of Ch. 20 and most of Ch. 21. After that, what remains to complete the course are some review assignments and the last exam.

Have a good week!

Friday, April 17

For Tuesday's assignment and the WebEx session, you'll need the electrical circuits equipment from your lab kit. Here's a list of the equipment. Note that in addition to the equipment in your kit, you'll need 4 D cell batteries. These must be fresh. If you need to buy them, do that this weekend. Don't get caught Tuesday afternoon with no batteries or with weak batteries.

You'll notice in the next few days that we jump quickly from one chapter to another. That's because the new AP syllabus is selective in the topics covered in these chapters. Traditional textbooks don't parallel the syllabus in this part of the course. I wonder if the designers of the new curriculum may have overlooked the fact that in order to understand the concept of voltage in electrical circuits needed for Ch. 21, then you need to have studied the concept of potential difference in Ch. 20, which depends on the concept of electrical field in Ch. 19. Therefore, I've selected particular sections of Chs. 19 and 20 for the Friday and Monday assignments. These will help get you ready for the subject of electrical circuits, on which we'll spend 2 weeks leading up to the AP exam. This will complete the AP curriculum. Seriously.

I've posted schedules leading up to and including the required Sunday WX session May 3. Click on the Next week link at the top of the schedule to advance.

I've looked over the L157 analyses that you submitted Tuesday. I provided comments. (Scores are pretty meaningless at this point.) Read these before completing the lab. The final report with all parts complete is due Thursday, April 23. Submit it to the same assignment, L157, on WebAssign.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 16

I've checked L155 and entered comments in BrainHoney. Check these promptly. I'm asking some students to repeat their observations and revise explanations as needed. Revisions are due Monday.

Tuesday, April 14

Here's a PowerPoint to help guide your review of Ch. 14. I leave it up to you to go over that on your own, although you may ask questions at the beginning of the WX session.

At 8 PM (due time for P150), I'll post the key. It's up to you to compare your answers to the key. We won't go over this in the WX session, but you may ask questions at the beginning of the session. Of course, you may post questions to Canvas, too.

The primary activity during the WX session will be to do the Data and Analysis portion of L157. This part will be due at the end of the session. The Application part will be due at a later date (to be determined).

I've checked L157PL. Here's the key.

And here's the key for P150.

Monday, April 13

Note added at 11 AM: Here's the cover page of the test.

I've checked E.19.1. Note in particular the last problem, which most people missed. A complete solution is provided in this guide. Click the link at the bottom.

Sunday, April 12

I've posted the schedule for this coming week. Note the change in Friday's assignment.

Friday, April 10

The test notification assignment C14 is due today.

I've posted the review assignment P150 for Tuesday. This is a long assignment in standard test free-response form. I recommend working on it over the weekend to start refreshing your memory for the test. It's been a while since we completed Ch. 14. Note that P150 is due at 8 PM Tuesday.

I've entered grades and comments for L153C. Here is some follow up information on the L153 series.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 9

I scanned the reports for L153C but haven't entered grades and comments yet. I wanted to make sure you identified the charges of the top and bottom tape strips correctly (everyone did), since you'll need to know that for L155. The latter lab is a check on how well you can apply what you've learned both from experimentation and from reading the textbook theory. Therefore, L155 has greater weight than any of the previous parts of L153.

Wednesday, April 8

I've checked L153B and entered comments in BrainHoney. Check these before proceeding with Part C. Also, see this page which lists the important principles that can be gleaned from Parts A and B. A number of students overlooked formulating a principle relating to the attraction of charged and uncharged objects.

Yesterday, I sent email to everyone about testing the new IWP server using this link. You need to complete your testing by 5 PM today and report to me by email if you're unable to open the applet. If you have difficulties but don't report to me by 5 PM, then I take that to mean that you accept the responsibility if you're unable to open the applets for Friday's assignment.

Tuesday, April 7

I've checked L153A and entered comments in BrainHoney. Be sure to check these before proceeding with Part B. In some instances, I've asked for an email response or a second submission.

You'll receive the usual invitation to the WX session. This is an optional session. Log in only if you have a question.

Wednesday, April 1

I've extended the schedule to April 17.

As per my email today, the Webex session on April 7 is an optional Q&A session.

Saturday, March 28

If you're working ahead, I've posted the schedule for the week after break. There are a series of lab assignments due M - Th. You'll need equipment from your lab kit.

Friday, March 27

Have a good break! See you a week from Monday. (If you let me know that you're working ahead, then I'll email you when I've posted the next schedule.)

Thursday, March 26

I mentioned in the WX session that students who have spring break the week after the NCSSM Online spring break may wish to work ahead and do some assignments early. If you plan to work ahead, email me today to let me know. (Otherwise, I won't feel any urgency to post assignments early. After all, next week is my break, too.)

I've posted V118. The streaming server, by the way, is back up.

Today is the last day of the quarter.

Wednesday, March 25

I've posted today's assignment. I had to change plans a bit. There is no longer a C part of L149. You'll complete L149 with Part B today.

As I posted on Canvas this morning. L151 is an extra credit assignment. It's not required.

Tuesday, March 24

The purpose of the WebEx session is to discuss results of the L151 and L149 prelabs as needed, to get you started out right on the L149 lab activities, and then to provide time for you to work on the latter. You'll complete at least one activity during the WX session. The remainder will be due as part of Wednesday's assignment. I haven't posted the latter yet, because I'm still making revisions. I reworked the sound unit quite a bit this year to provide more hands-on experience.

Monday, March 23

I've updated the schedule and posted the assignments for Monday and Tuesday. Both assignments are prelabs. Equipment from your lab kit is needed for L151PL and also for Tuesday's WX session.

I've checked L147D. There were some issues in WA's checking of significant figures. There were no penalties for incorrect SF on the assignment. If your value of N was incorrect or unusual, I've emailed you about it.

I've checked the tests and posted scores and comments in the BrainHoney and WebAssign items, T6. You may ask your proctor for the original copy of your test.

Have a good week!

Friday, March 19

I'll post next week's assignments soon for those who want to work ahead.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 18

I've posted the WebEx recording. I've also checked L148PL and P147 and written comments. In particular, examine the questions about error analysis.

Monday, March 16

I've prepared these notes on solutions to some of the L146 problems.

Have a good week!

Sunday, March 15

I've updated the schedule for this week.

Friday, March 13

I've updated the schedule through Friday of next week.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 12

If you're interested in a career in physics or a related field such as engineering, these profiles of a wide cross section of people who studied physics may interest you.

Tuesday, March 10

While there's no WebEx session tonight, I'll be monitoring Canvas in case people want to ask questions related to test prep.

Monday, March 9

Here's the cover page of the test. Remember to take your approved constants and equations pages with you to the test. As usual, one of the test problems will be a lab-type problem. You'll need to interpret graphs similarly to what you did in L145.

Have a good week!

Sunday, March 8

I've posted the key for L145E in the BrainHoney Assignments folder and updated grades on WebAssign. I've added an item for P146, the problem that you did in groups last week.

I've updated the schedule for the coming week.

Friday, March 6

Remember to submit C13 today.

I'm adding one subject area to the test coverage. It's an area that wasn't included on the last test. The area is angular momentum and is covered in sections 11.6,7.

I've posted the schedule through Friday of next week.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 5

Note added at 1 PM: I've checked L145C. Be sure to examine these evaluation notes. This may have a bearing on L145D.

I've checked E.13.3. Some people seem to have forgotten how to do conservation of energy problems. You may need to review that especially with the upcoming test.

Wednesday, March 4

I've posted the recordings of the WebEx session and the solutions to the 4 problems. All of the solutions are 100% correct. They were challenging problems, and you did well on them. Nice work.

I mentioned that the material was required in terms of possibly being tested on it. On a test, I would concentrate on fundamentals. For example, I wouldn't give you a scooped-out Earth problem or an Earth tunnel problem, since I consider those as enrichment content as distinguished from required content. However, the problems did serve to help introduce such fundamentals as the concept of gravitational field, that the net gravitational field inside a hollow shell is 0, that the gravitational field inside a planet at distance r < R depends only the mass enclosed by a sphere of radius r, that one can write a formula for the period of an oscillating system by determining the force law and showing that it obeys the two conditions for SHM.

Tuesday, March 3

Be sure to email me your final problem solutions by 8:00 PM. Then be ready to present your part of the solution during the WX session.

I've checked E.13.2 and L145B2. For the latter, a number of students didn't use the prescribed dimensional analysis method for #6. The point of that problem was for you to practice using that method; hence, the penalty was high if you didn't use it.

Monday, March 2

I've posted the schedule through Wednesday of next week.

I'll be emailing groups with my comments on their problem solutions from the WX session. If you'd like to collaborate with your group sometime Monday, I can set up a special WX session for this purpose. The group leader should email me to let me know what time (EST) to start the session.

Have a good week!

Thursday, February 26

posted 10:15 AM. The NCSSM server is back up and all content is available. However, since I already postponed E.13.2, I'll leave it that way. You can have an online snow day today if you like or you can work ahead.

posted 10:00 AM. See my email regarding server issues and alternatives. I've postponed E.13.2 to Friday.

There was a glitch in the WA scoring for problem 1 of L145A. If your response was checked wrong, I added a point back onto your score.

I've checked E.13.1. You may need to take another look at the net force analysis.

Wednesday, February 25

I've checked L144 and posted grades and comments. If your calculations of percentage difference were incorrect, review the formula for that in Lab FAQ.

I reviewed WA's checking of L144PL. If I thought you were penalized too heavily for consistent mistakes, I made a score adjustment.

Tuesday, February 24

I've posted comments and grades for P145B on BrainHoney.

I'll let you use most of the WX session tonight for work on L144.

Monday, February 23

I've posted the schedule for the coming week. Sunday is a required WebEx, 1-4 PM.

Saturday, February 21

I've posted solutions to Friday problems in the BrainHoney Assignments folder.

I updated Monday's schedule to include a new guide on Kepler's Laws. This includes material that isn't in the text. You'll need some of this for E.12.3. I'll post that assignment on Sunday.

Friday, February 20

I've checked P145A and entered grades and comments.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 17

I sent an email yesterday asking when your spring break was. Reply to that today if you haven't already.

I've posted the test rubric with comments and scores on BrainHoney. Ask your proctor for the original copy of the test. I've emailed them about that, so they should be expecting to hear from you.

I've submitted progress reports. The letter grade I reported is the one currently in WebAssign.

Monday, February 16

I've posted the coming week's schedule.

E.11.3, Problem 3, has links to YouTube videos. In the event that your school network blocks YouTube, you can do the problems without viewing the videos. Note that this does not apply to the Ballistic Pendulum video, which is required for Problem 2.

Wednesday, January 14

About school closures, the exam, and L133: I sent email about this as well. I've moved the due date for L133 to today, Wednesday, due to the fact that a number of you will be shifting your exam day to later in the week. If you don't take the exam today, then I'll expect you to submit L133 today. If you take the exam today, then you may request an extension on L133 without penalty.

About C10: Request an extension if you didn't submit this Tuesday.

Thursday, February 12

I've updated the schedule and added the assignments for today and for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Tuesday, February 10

I've checked P143. I saw two things that may need your attention. Check my comments to find out. One of them is drawing complete diagrams that show not only forces, but also moment arms, angles, distances, and the axis of rotation. The drawings need to be large to show all that information clearly. The other thing is being sure to calculate moment arms correctly. Just remember this: The moment arm is the perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to the line of action of the force. Knowing that, draw the moment arms on your diagrams and label them.

Sunday, February 8

I've posted several items.

  1. The cover page of the test. Read this carefully. Note the things that you're expected to show in your solutions. (I mention this, in particular, because some people overlooked providing information such as system and external forces on last semester's final.) Note also that in order to use a list of approved AP equations, you must print the list in advance from the course website and take the list with you. Here it is.
  2. Solutions for the P143 problems. See the BrainHoney assignments folder.
  3. Your checked final exams. In order to retrieve these, you'll need to go to the PH424 course on BrainHoney and click on Test 4 (Final exam).
  4. This coming week's schedule. I still have to add Thursday's assignment.

Added Sunday afternoon: Practice problems in rotational dynamics (partial solutions will be posted before the test)

Thursday, February 5

I've updated the schedule through Wednesday of next week. I've also posted solutions for P141 on BrainHoney.

Wednesday, February 4

Here's a follow up on that vertical loop problem from the WX session. The moment of inertia of the ball is I = (2/5)MR2, where R is the radius of the ball (not of the loop). Also v = Rω, since it's given that the ball rolls without slipping. That means the change in rotational kinetic energy is ΔKrot = (1/2)(2/5)MR2(v/R)2 = (1/5)Mv2. The total kinetic energy is then ΔKtot = (1/2)Mv2 + (1/5)Mv2 = (7/10)Mv2. With this change propagated through the remainder of the problem, the result is h = 2.7r. This is only slightly higher than the result for no friction (h = 2.5r); yet, we can see in the video that the ball is released much higher than that. I suspect that the reason has to do with kinetic friction. The ball is probably sliding as well as rolling. Thus, kinetic friction does external work on the system and slows the ball even more. It has to be released even higher in order to stay on the loop.

Tuesday, February 3

Remember that you need your meter stick and paper clip for this evening's session.

I've updated the schedule through Monday of next week.

Sunday, February 1

I've posted the schedule, although it's not complete yet. Since Ch. 12 is a new unit for this course, I'm in the process of creating curriculum items. I'll notify you of updates to the schedule.

Our next test (90 min, paper and pencil) is Wednesday, Feb. 11, and will cover Chs. 10 & 11. Contact your proctors this week.

Thursday, January 29

Problem 5 of E.10.1 seems to have given more than it's share of headaches, based on posts to the forum. The first issue was one of WebAssign coding, not physics. I fixed that issue before most of you got to the problem. Later in the day, some of the issues could be traced to units confusion, incorrect sign, or neglecting to divide the diameter by 2 to get the radius. Some of that can be avoided by writing the problem out carefully on paper and examining your work carefully. If your issue was physics related, here's the method of solving the problem:

  1. Use Δω/Δt to solve for the angular acceleration with ω = 0 and ω0 converted to radians/second. The answer will be negative.
  2. Solve for the angular displacement using either ω2 = ω02 + 2αΔθ or Δθ = ω0t + αt2/2, being sure to express values in consistent units (rad/s or rad/s2). This will give an angle in radians which must then be converted to rotations.
  3. Multiply the angular displacement in radians by the radius of the saw blade to get the distance traveled.

Tuesday, January 27

I've updated the schedule to include M and T of next week.

Monday, January 26

I've posted the schedule for M-F of this week. You need to check with your proctor by Thursday to find out if he/she will continue to be your proctor for this semester.

You'll be working on a lab challenge during the Tuesday WX session. The prelab requires designing a strategy for achieving the goals of the lab. The prelab is due at 8 PM. You have to complete the prelab in order to participate in small group discussions during the WX session.

Have a good week!

Friday, January 23

I'll post solutions to the P137B problems on BrainHoney Friday morning. For Problem 2, note the two methods of solution and how the second method simplifies the math. In the first method, note how a trig identity can be used to express the final velocity in terms of a single trig function. I didn't expect you to do this, since we haven't used the half-angle trig identities in the past, but it's a good addition to your bag of math tricks.

A word to the wise: Don't wait until Monday to start on L139.

I'll be closing semester 1 out of the WebAssign gradebook this weekend. If you want a record of your averages in the various categories, write these down today. Note that the individual grades on all your semester 1 assignments will remain visible. What will disappear are the categories of Lab, Lab2, Homework, Homework2, etc. They'll be replaced with Quarter 3 categories.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 21

Someone asked at the WX session if I would post the test key. Come to think of it, the key is already posted. See the recording of the WX session. I've notified your proctors that they may return your original test paper to you now.

Here's the solution to the problem that I assigned for the end of the WX session.

For this semester's Q&A forum, see the PH426 course on Canvas. You should have access to it. If not, let me know and I'll investigate.

Tuesday, January 20

Added at 5:30 PM Tuesday: I've switched the due dates for V111 and P137B. This is to give you more lead time for P137B. In order to take advantage of this, do the first problem of P137B Wednesday and the second problem Thursday.

I've made some changes to course expectations and to evaluation (in particular, late policies). Be sure to review these documents, as you're responsible for knowing these policies.

Note that you'll find BrainHoney assignments in the PH426 course this semester.

The WebAssign gradebook with final semester averages is now visible.

Monday, January 19

I've posted the schedule for the coming week.

I've posted the PowerPoint and the recordings of the WX session.

Remember to complete the course survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NCSSMol_fall2014 if you haven't done so already. Then complete C10 to report to me that you've completed the survey.

Tuesday, January 13

I've checked L131 and L135. We'll have a follow up discussion on some of this work in the WX session. We'll also look at solutions to some of the conservation of energy/momentum problems and discuss strategies in solving problems on the practice test. As always, you learn more by doing the practice problems before they're discussed.

Saturday, January 10

I've updated the schedule with some study aids for the test. I've posted grades and comments for P137A.

Friday, January 9

There have been some strange goings on with Brainhoney's due dates. I noticed tonight that BH wasn't showing a due date for P137A. Of course, that didn't keep people from submitting the assignment on time. I also noticed that P139 had been showing as being due several days ago. I've changed that now to this coming Monday.

In beginning your preparation for the exam, refer to this summary of the important relationships and problem types you've studied this semester. I'll prepare some practice problems that I'll post some time this weekend.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 8

Just a reminder that you need to connect with your proctor about the exam if you haven't already.

Tuesday, January 6

Log in to the WX session with your NCSSM username. During the session, we'll break up into small group sessions to discussion your responses to the L133 prelab. In order to participate, you'll need to have submitted the prelab. After the discussions, I'll give you time to work on the analysis.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I've posted the schedule that will bring us to the end of the semester. The semester exam is Wednesday, January 14. Check with your proctor for a time to take the 90-minute paper-and-pencil test and submit your notification by Friday of this week (C09). The exam will cover the three major problem types of the semester: dvat, net force, conservation. (This is the same thing as saying the exam covers the semester.) New material covered will be collisions and conservation of momentum.

Have a good week!

Friday, December 19

I've posted the quiz scores and released the key.

Have a great holiday break!

But don't forget there's an assignment due the day after New Year's.

Thursday, December 18

Some students are taking the quiz today. My plan is to check it tonight and release grades tomorrow.

Try to stay focused on completing the two remaining assignments before break.

Tuesday, December 16

For the quiz, you'll need to print this sheet of equations and take it with you. You're also allowed to use a hand calculator and scratch paper.

We'll review for the quiz and work C of E problems at the WX session tonight.

Monday, December 15

Update 10:30 AM Monday: The quiz covers Chs. 7&8. I've edited the schedule to indicate that.

I've looked over the L131 data. Everyone is good to continue with the analysis.

I've checked P133. Review the key and my comments to avoid making the same mistakes over and over (that is, if you made any mistakes).

Have a good week!

Thursday, December 11

If you didn't select a problem in the Doodle Poll, I selected one for you. Here are the final problem selections.

Remember to submit your quiz notification by Friday if you haven't already.

Wednesday, December 10

I checked most everyone's data and sent email individually. If you didn't notify me until after 11:30 PM Tuesday that you had completed L131check, then it'll be Wednesday morning before I look at it.

Tuesday, December 9

Be ready to collect data for L131 at the WebEx session tonight. As we've done in the past, you'll collect some test data and email it to me so I can see if it looks reasonable. Once I give you the go ahead, you can collect the rest of your data. You don't have to collect all the data tonight, but I recommend doing that if you have time. Otherwise, you may have to start over again if the apparatus gets disturbed after your initial data-taking session. Your original data page is due Thursday.

We'll start the session by watching a slide show of your lab setups.

Saturday, December 6

I've checked P131B and posted grades and comments. I'm concerned about the number of people who didn't submit the assignment. I've opened BrainHoney for late submissions. Late files must be submitted today to maintain commitment credit.

I've updated the schedule to bring us up to the start of the break.

Friday, December 5

Consider using the weekend to get your equipment for L131 set up and ready-to-go for Tuesday evening's WX session.

Quarterly progress reports will be available after today.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 4

I've checked P131A and posted comments on BrainHoney. I also checked E.8.3, problem 6. Some of you did the entire assessment, which was fine. If you did that and your score helped your average, then I counted it. Otherwise, I excused the assignment. That means it will show in the WA gradebook, but it won't affect your average.

Wednesday, December 3

I've posted the WebEx recordings as well as the solutions to the problems that I did at the end. I think we're off to a good start on the subject of C of E.

Tuesday, December 2

Some of you emailed me yesterday to say that E.8.1 wasn't showing you whether or not your answers were correct. This is something that can be posted to Canvas. You'll occasionally run across an assignment that works in this way. The instructions usually say something to that effect.

Monday, December 1

I've posted the schedule through Wednesday, December 10.

You can download your checked tests from the T3 item in BrainHoney. Note that the percentage score on the cover page doesn't include the 2 points you receive for initialing the pages. The final score in BrainHoney and WebAssign includes that 2 points.

Progress reports for the first half of Quarter 2 will be available after Friday. I'll include in that report all Quarter 2 grades through Wednesday of this week.

I'm updating the home page on the NCSSM server now. You can go back to using that link. The home pages in BrainHoney and at http://courses.ncssm.edu/apb11o/ are in synch now.

Have a good week!

Monday, November 24

I've checked P129B and posted scores and comments. I posted a solution to P129B, problem 2, in BrainHoney. Several people had trouble with that, although it was primarily a net force problem.

I retired Q&A #2 on Canvas and started Q&A #3. This will keep down the amount scrolling and searching required, at least for a while. It's odd that Canvas doesn't have a way to order the posts starting with the most recent.

As you should know from my email on Friday, your L124 rework, if requested, is due at the end of the Tuesday WebEx session. I will excuse you from that session if your Quarter 2 homework is up-to-date. That means you would also need to submit Tuesday's homework in advance of the session. I'll email individuals some time Monday regarding their standing.

I've updated the schedule. It includes assignments for M & T of this week as well as M & T of the week after the break.

Have a good, short week!

Friday, November 21

I've checked L122. See my comment for Part C on WA to find out if you need to recalculate the value of μk. You'll need the correct value to use in P129B.

I'll post the solution to P129A on BrainHoney after the assignment comes due. Check for my comments before continuing with P129B.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 19

While the NCSSM server that went down is being restored, you should continue to rely on the Alternate Course Home Page in BrainHoney until further notice.

I've checked L125.

Tuesday, November 18

Since we had an intense WX session Sunday, and the WX session tonight would be devoted primarily to completing L125, I've decided to cancel Tuesday's session. This gives you some flexibility in scheduling, although keep in mind that L125 is still due at 10:00 PM. The only other thing that I had planned to do was present the solution to the first problem on the practice test. Instead, I've posted that solution here together with strategies for solving the other problems.

Here's the cover page for the test. Take time to examine the list of approved equations. Note also the instruction that begins, "You're expected to recognize when the net force method..." The most common mistake I've seen from students in past years on the Chs. 5&6 test is omitting force diagrams and net force equations when they should have been included. You can bank on the fact that I'll test you thoroughly on the use of the net force method. You can expect to use it with friction, both static and kinetic, springs and tension, circular motion, connected objects. There will be equilibrium situations and accelerated situations. There will be a problem involving graphical analysis. Know your Newton's Laws. You can expect to use all three, and you also need to recognize when you're using them. Content coverage is Chs. 5&6 and the associated assignments, including labs.

Besides the practice test, there's the Ch.5,6 Review on WebAssign. Those problems are taken straight off of past quizzes.While that assignment closes at the usual time Tuesday evening, I've set it so you can view the key after 2 submissions. So you get pretty much instant feedback.

In case you have questions, I'll be monitoring Canvas ~8:30-10:30 PM Tuesday night.

Monday, November 17

Here are the P127 group solutions. Nice work!

If your score on L125D is 4/4, that means your data fell within the acceptable ranges, and you're cleared to work on L125. I estimate you'll need ~45 minutes to complete that if your theory in the prelab doesn't need revision. I'll allot that much time to work on L125 in Tuesday's WX session. Note that the due time is 10:00 PM Tuesday. Take a look at L125 on WebAssign well in advance and estimate for yourself how much time you'll need. If you think you'll need more than 45 minutes, don't wait to start until the WebEx session. 10:00 PM will be a firm due time.

The time allotted to test review in the Tuesday WX session will be limited to going over one of the first problem on the practice test. Take advantage of the review experiences that are listed in the schedule.

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 16

I've updated the schedule with the revised due times for L125D and L124. Both are due at 11:59 PM today. L125 (the final report) is due Tuesday.

Saturday, November 15

I've updated the schedule. Here's an update on tomorrow's activities. You may need to refresh the page.

Friday, November 14

Here's important information on Sunday's WebEx session. Review it early, as there are some preparations to make for the session.

I've checked E.6.4. You'll also see that I've posted comments for L115 on BrainHoney. I wanted you to see these before Sunday, as L115 was one of ten graphical analysis experiences you've had so far in the course.

See you Sunday!

Thursday, November 13

Here is a complete test that you can take for practice in preparation for Wednesday's test. Remember to report arrangements with your proctor if you haven't already.

Wednesday, November 12

On Sunday, you'll be taking some data and doing some graphical analyses. You've done enough of these by now that you should have mastered the process. In the way of review, here is a Summary of Graphical Analysis Experiences so far this semester.

Monday, November 10

I've posted the schedule up to Thanksgiving break.

I've made averages visible in the WebAssign gradebook.

If you don't submit V107 Monday, the extension to Tuesday will be automatic. Please don't request it.

Just a reminder...there's no WX session this Tuesday. There is a required session 1-4 PM Sunday.

Have a good week!

Friday, November 7

I've checked L123. Scores are posted on WA, and the rubric with comments is posted on BrainHoney.

Sometime soon, I'll post the lab form for the L122 report.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 6

I've checked all L122D files that were submitted on time. Check my comments promptly to see what you need to correct for the final report and whether you need to retake any data. Retakes are due this Friday.

If you missed the due time for L122D, there will be the usual late penalty. I've reopened the assignment for late papers. These must be submitted Thursday in order to maintain Commitment credit. In any case, the data must be submitted before the final report can be completed.

You may have noticed an item L113 that appeared in BrainHoney. This is the scoring rubric for a lab that you completed in the first quarter. The grade won't appear in the WebAssign grade book until the end of the semester when all grades are averaged.

Wednesday, November 5

As I emailed last night, I set 24-hour extensions on L123 for people whose data I had reviewed and approved.

Monday, November 3

I've checked E.6.1B-1,2, and P119.

For Tuesday, plan ahead to have your equipment set up to take data for L123 during the WX session.

Have a good week!

Sunday, November 2

I've updated the schedule for the coming week.

Saturday, November 1

I've checked E.6.1A and L122PL and posted grades and comments. If I've indicated that you need to revise and resubmit L122PL, do that Monday or sooner.

Note that the WA gradebook is now showing only quarter 2 grades. Quarter 2 started Wednesday.

Friday, October 31

This may not be the best day to announce that I've submitted quarter grades, but so it is. The WebAssign gradebook is currently reporting the first quarter grades that I sent to NCSSM. Don't worry, I scale the numbers up to the NC public school 7-pt scale before sending them on. Focus on the letter grade rather than the number at this point. By the way, the averages in the gradebook will start changing again as new assignments go into it. So you may want to jot down the averages in the various categories for future reference.

If you're taking advantage of any of the allowed extensions in the flexible schedule, be sure to plan to submit the assignment before the extension runs out.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 30

I've checked L120B and posted scores and comments in BrainHoney. The list of element identifications has expanded to these: lead (8), palladium (1), bismuth (2), hafnium (1), ruthenium (1), calcium (1), magnesium (1), actinium (1) rhodium (1). I just wish the ball had really been made of something like palladium. That would make it worth more than half a million dollars!

Wednesday, October 29

Here's a reposting of the scheduling flexibility I'm providing into next week. While I recommend sticking to the published schedule, you may take the following extensions without penalty. The extensions will be automatic in the event that you don't submit the assignment by the due time. Requests for extensions on other assignments or requests for additional extensions on the following assignments will receive the usual penalty.

Assignment Allowed extension
from published schedule
L122PL 24 h
E.6.1.B-1 24 h
E.6.1B-2 24 h
L122D 48 h

Tuesday, October 28

Perhaps you found that Monday's homework was lighter than usual. After all, there was no lab report to turn in and just one problem to do. I think you'll find that Tuesday's and Wednesday's assignments will also be light, so you might want to get a head start on the assignments due Thursday and Friday. We start Ch. 6 and the subject of static and kinetic friction, and you may find the assignments for those days more challenging than early in the week.

I've checked P117 and posted scores and comments.

Monday, October 27

As I mentioned in an email message, I've posted comments and the key for P115B.

Have a good week!

Saturday, October 25

I've updated the schedule for the coming week.

Friday, October 24

I've posted grades and comments for P115A in BrainHoney. Review your comments carefully in order to avoid similar mistakes on P115B and to find out if I'm requiring you to revise and resubmit your solution.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 23

For those who like to work ahead, I've updated the schedule through November 4.

I've posted T2 scores in BrainHoney and WebAssign. I haven't written comments in BrainHoney. Those are written are your test papers, which I printed out to grade by hand on my road trip. I'll scan and upload those papers soon.

Added at 1:00 PM Thursday:

  • Today is the last day to submit L120B. I'm not granting further extensions for this assignment.
  • Your marked test files are now available for download from the teacher document link in BrainHoney assignment T2.

Wednesday, October 22

I've updated the schedule to include the L120B extension to Thursday.

Tuesday, October 21

Log in to WX as you did for the training session a week ago Sunday; that is, use your NCSSM email address. During the session, I'll break you up into groups to work on the solution of L120B (not posted yet). In order to be assigned to a group, you must have completed L120A satisfactorily. I estimate that you'll need 30 minutes at most to complete L120A. You should already know how to do all the operations required.

I've received all the test papers from your proctors. I checked most of them during my road trip this weekend. I'll finish the rest today (Tuesday).

Friday, October 17

Note added at 10:00 PM: I've posted next week's schedule, since I'll be on a trip this weekend and won't be able to update the website. Here's the Week 8 schedule.

Here's another reminder not to put off all of your physics homework to Saturday. Try to resist that temptation to procrastinate.

Note also that your L115 report is due Monday together with a WebAssign over three video demonstrations. I estimate you'll need about 45 minutes for the Ch. 5 work. The time you need for completing the lab report depends on how much you've completed by Monday.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 16

I've posted the schedule through October 29.

Tuesday, October 14

As you may have realized by now, I usually post the announcement for the day late on the evening before. Therefore, if you read Monday's announcement Sunday evening, take another look at it below, as I updated it Monday morning.

Here's a reminder of the practice test and the T2 review on WebAssign. As I've mentioned before, it's best to complete the practice test before I discuss it at the WX session tonight.

Monday, October 13

The breakout session files from Sunday are available from the WebEx recordings page.

I've modified the week's schedule. Since we started L111 Sunday, I want you to finish that Monday and leave the start of Ch. 5 until after the test (that is, after Wednesday). L111 is shorter than a typical lab, and you already have a good start on it. Finishing it Monday makes sense. Due to the change in schedule, I'm pushing the due dates for two of the Ch. 5 assignments until Saturday and not requiring you to turn anything in Friday. However, you may want to pace yourself and turn in at least one of the Saturday assignments on Friday.

Here's the cover page for the test.

Friday, October 10, 2014

You may have noticed that I created an assignment for the practice test on BrainHoney. While this doesn't go into the WebAssign gradebook, it does afford you the opportunity to demonstrate some serious preparation for the test.

Don't overlook L115PL due tomorrow. I'll email everyone this weekend with last-minute instructions for the WebEx session.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Four students completed today's assignment, E.4.2, on Wednesday or sooner, and some others have gotten a good start. This is a good study strategy.

As I write this announcement on Wednesday evening at 23:30 EDT, I'm checking P111B solutions as they come in. Just four to go now. I'll have grades and comments for this assignment available Thursday, mid-morning. Note added Thursday midday: Grades and comments for P111B are posted now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Here's a reminder that you need to submit your test notification by the end of the day Friday.

I posted the PowerPoint for the WebEx session.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I've added C06, a test notification assignment to the schedule. If you're taking the PSAT Wednesday, 10/15, you may arrange--at your proctor's convenience--a time to take the test on Thursday, 10/16.

I've checked P111A and posted scores and comments. See your comments to find out if I'm requiring you to resubmit this assignment by a certain date (or, in the case of some students, to submit it for the first time). Satisfactory completion of P111A is prerequisite to P111B.

That extra piece of lab equipment I'm sending is a pulley. For most students, I sent out the shipments Friday afternoon. You should receive it this week. Look for a brown envelope about 6x9".

Have a good week!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I've posted the schedules for the next two weeks. Click on the Next week link to see the Week 8 schedule.

Friday, October 3, 2014

These are the students who haven't emailed me address information yet: JH, YM. You need to email me your shipping address right away or risk not receiving the additional lab equipment I'm sending out.

If you need to correct your L109 data, email me your corrected L109D file Saturday or sooner. Since this is rework, it's not listed on the schedule. You have to remind yourself to do it.

Like usual, I recommend getting a head start on the lab report due Monday. If you haven't examined the report requirements, do that well in advance.

I've decided against doing the discussion group thing for completing the hare and the tortoise solution. We missed our window of opportunity on Tuesday, and there's not time to add this item into the schedule.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I've checked L109D. It's important that you open that assignment and read your comment. If you see a number or a list of numbers, refer to the Legend of Mistakes in the key. If you have questions about the mistakes, ask them on Canvas. Perhaps students who did well on the assignment will post some helpful replies. Ten students will need to resubmit the assignment. Scores of 0 will be adjusted after resubmission. I'm making the due date Saturday rather than Sunday in order to give me time to examine your resubmitted work and get comments back to you before Monday when the lab report is due. Rather than resubmitting your file on WebAssign, email me the file (but keep the file size under 1 MB).

I've completed checking the test. You may now open assignment T1 in BrainHoney and read my comments. Your test file is available as a download link. This is for your reference only. I don't mark the file. It will be useful to open the file to see how your writing came across in scanning. In a few cases, the writing is illegible. This may mean you need to use a softer lead pencil and write darker for the next test.

I had mentioned yesterday that I was going to revise the L109 instructions to allow the use of Logger Pro for drawing and analyzing your graph. I've decided against doing that based on the results of problem 4 of the test. It's apparent that a number of students need more practice in doing graphical analysis the old-fashioned way.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This is just to give you a heads up about the P105C assignment due at 10 PM. There's nothing to do in preparation for that assignment, assuming you've already submitted P105B (which most of you did last week). During the WebEx session, I'll divide you into groups of 4 students, and you'll work together to prepare a complete solution to the hare and the tortoise problem (with acceleration of the tortoise). You'll submit your group solution by the end of the session.

Some students have a resubmission of P107 due by 11:59 PM. I alerted everyone to the possibility in an email message I sent Sunday.

Monday, September 29, 2014

I emailed everyone yesterday about my posting of grades and comments for P107 and P103-2,3.

I've posted the schedule through this week and the next.

Have a good week!

Friday, September 26, 2014

All students have taken the test, and I've received all the tests from your proctors.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I've received 10 tests back from the proctors. I usually wait to start grading until I receive all the tests, so I can check them all at once. I typically do one problem at a time, checking all students papers for that problem. Then I shuffle the papers to change the order of names and check the next problem. Actually, I don't shuffle papers physically; I have all the files open on my computer. Then, instead of marking the files, I enter comments into a BrainHoney rubric. If you see an item called T1 show up on BrainHoney in the next few days, ignore it for now. You won't be able to get in, because I password protect it until I finish grading all the problems. At that time, I remove the password and notify you that you can open T1 and see how you did.

L109PL is coming up for Friday. Read very carefully the instructions for applying the finite-difference method, and it may save you a headache when you do the prelab.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I've posted a guide to all the trigonometry you need to know this semester: Trigonometry: Math for 2-Dimensional Physics

If you're planning to do the practice test, you should complete it before the WebEx session, as I'll be discussing it then. You won't get anywhere near the full benefit if you simply watch someone else solve the problems.

E.3.1 is due at 11:59 PM rather than the usual 8:00 PM Tuesday deadline.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I've posted the schedule through Wednesday of next week.

Note the Sunday posting below. I highly recommend doing the practice test problems both for review and to get a preview of the testing experience. I've also posted a WebAssign called DVAT Practice to help you get more of the same in preparation for the test. These are optional and recommended study activities.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Click here for the cover page of the test.

Click here for some practice test problems.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Reminder: Your test notification assignment is due today.

About the upcoming test: I've added two reading items to the schedule under Friday's assignments. They're about the test.

Reminder: Optional WebEx session 7-8 PM Sunday. Log in if you have questions, in particular about the L105 analysis. I'm not making a presentation, so there's no need to log in if you don't have a question to ask.

About the quiz: I've finished checking it. You're free to discuss it. You should open the quiz to see what items you missed. If you have questions about why particular items were wrong, don't email me. Ask on the Canvas forum. The only reason to email me would be if there were an obvious mistake in grading. I don't think you'll see a point total at the moment. I want you to concentrate on correcting your mistakes in preparation for the test on the same material next week.

  • Here's a note about problem 10. The method of this problem is identical to that of problem 12 of E.2.4. Open that assignment to view the solution of that problem.
  • If you had trouble calculating velocity from the slope of a position vs. time graph (problem 13 of the quiz), see the PowerPoint from Tuesday's WebEx in which I gave a detailed solution of a similar problem.

About L103: I've almost finished checking the reports. I'll email when grades and comments are posted. I want you to see those comments before you submit your next formal report.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

One student will be taking the quiz today. I expect to be able to release the quiz key and scores this evening. I'll email when I do.

You'll notice in the WA gradebook the appearance of an item coded L105WX. This was the data check that we did at the Webex session. If you submitted your data Tuesday and I approved it, I entered 5/5.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I've updated Commitment scores in WebAssign.

You'll start taking data for L105 at the WebEx session. Be ready to go as per the instructions in the schedule.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The schedule is posted through the test a week from Wednesday. You have another notification assignment due for Friday of this week. This one is for the test (as distinguished from the quiz this Wednesday).

Note the new column I've added in the schedule for prerequisite assignments. A prerequisite assignment is one that must be completed successfully before the current assignment can be submitted.

I've checked E.2.4 and entered comments for problems 4 and 14.

Sunday evening, a student emailed me asking whether to use graph paper or notebook paper. I asked the student to post the question to Canvas. After the student did that, I replied on Canvas. Not long after, a second student emailed me asking the same question. Herein is the point of asking questions on the Lab & Problem forum. Only one response is needed (and it can come from anyone in the class). If you haven't signed up for immediate Canvas notifications, I recommend doing so. Your other alternative when you have a question about an assignment is to open Canvas and see if the question has already been asked. If not, ask your question there.

Friday, September 12, 2014

I've contacted all your proctors, so all is well on that front from my point of view. How about yours? I wonder, because more than half the class hasn't submitted C04. Waiting until the last minute to try to contact your proctor isn't the best strategy.

I've checked P101 and entered my comments and marks in Brainhoney. It's very important that you open the assignment and view my comments. As the first formal problem-solving assignment, you need to know what you missed or overlooked, if anything, in order to avoid doing the same thing on future formal solutions. Also, I'm requiring some students to revise and resubmit their solution by midnight Sunday (but sooner is better). You must achieve a passing score on P101 in order to submit P103, Problem 1, which is due Monday.

Regarding scores, you'll notice that the score total on P101 is twice that given on the rubric +1. The +1 is for naming the file according to the course convention. The reason for double points is to provide more precision in grading, to use a physics term. When I transfer the scores to WebAssign (haven't done that yet), the total will be halved. (Don't worry, both the earned points and the possible points will be halved.)

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Here's a reminder of the quiz notification assignment due tomorrow. I've been contacting your proctors myself and have reached all but three. I emailed you if I haven't been able to contact your proctor.

Here's a change from something I told you Tuesday: The quiz will require Flash but not Java. Flash is needed for PencilPad problems.

A number of students requested extensions on L107PL Tuesday, because they saved rather than submitted their answers. It's your responsibility to make sure that you submit the answers. Do that frequently -- don't wait until the end of a WebAssign session to submit responses. On the quiz, in particular, DO NOT SAVE your answers. Submit them as soon as you enter them. You have 5 attempts in case you change your mind.

I've updated the last part (Conclusion) of the L107 lab instructions. For this part, you'll compare your predictions from the prelab to the experimental results from the lab.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I saw that one student didn't have a text yet. Let me know if you don't have yours. You should have received your text last week if not the week before. So something's awry if you don't have yours.

The meter sticks should have been shipped Monday, so you should receive that this week.

Remember to give yourself time to install Logger Pro and hook up the LabPro Mini interface and motion detector on your computer before the WebEx session.

Monday, September 8, 2014

I've checked E.0.4 and posted comments. Scores were based on i) the use of an explanatory argument in sentence form (as opposed to lists of equations), ii) the use of correct scaling arguments, iii) clarity and completeness, iv) correctness of the arguments. Unlike most WebAssign homework assignments, the scores on E.0.4 tend to have a broad distribution with a class mean around 70%. The overall mean on WebAssign homework is typically around 85%.

I've made the WebAssign gradebook visible. Grades are up-to-date except for a few minor items. Note that two grading categories are not represented currently. These are Problems and Tests. Together, those two count 55% of the grade. Therefore, currently you're seeing 45% of the grade. I've posted Commitment scores to date. These are typically 100% at this stage of the course. If your Commitment score is less than 100%, this is due to assignments submitted more than a day late or unexcused absence/lateness to WebEx sessions.

Keep in mind that the grades recorded so far are less than 10% of the total for the semester. Therefore, ample opportunity remains to raise or lower your grade. Let's hope it's the former.

I emailed everyone yesterday about the Lab & Problem Q&A forum that I set up on Canvas. Use this for your questions about assignments or just for general questions about the course. Students are encouraged to respond to other student's posts.

Have a good 3rd week in physics!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I've posted the schedule for the next week and a half.

Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm working my way through checking L101. I've completed checking problem 4. That's the most important one, as it's an application of prior learning. Open the assignment and read through my comments for problem 4. I checked these very closely. Even though criticism can be painful, you can't learn from it if you don't read it.

You made it to the end of the 2nd week. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Regarding item 5 of L103PL (the free-response item)...

  • I've checked this item and provided a comment. You should check this in order to see if you were determining the relative uncertainty of the time-of-flight method correctly. I saw a number of responses that didn't relate to the time-of-flight method. In such cases, I recommend reading the material more closely. Knowing what the problem is asking is a key to being successful in problem solving.
  • This problem was worth 3 points. Note that when you submit a free-response item in WebAssign, the full score is assigned by default. When I check the item later, I give a final score. So the score on the assignment could fall as a result.
  • I noticed that some people didn't attempt a response. In such cases, I note in the course record book that the assignment was incomplete, and I make a deduction from the Commitment score.
Regarding item 4 of L103PL (the clock formula), if you had the formula incorrect, check the key for the correct formula. You'll need it for doing the calculations to include with L103D due today.

Here's a final reminder that the Proctor Information assignment is due Friday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The recording and PowerPoint for last night's WX are posted in the usual place.

If you didn't receive a 4/4 on SFcheck last night, look at the key to find out why.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hope you had a good break.

Like last week, you'll receive an automated mailer from WebEx about tonight's session.

Here's another reminder about finding a proctor before Friday. Don't wait too long and risk the chance of not being able to contact the person you want to be proctor.

Four students have examined the key for E.1.2. That's the significant figures diagnostic quiz. For the items you missed, it makes sense to look at the solutions to find out why you missed them. The items that people missed the most were 6, 9, 10 and 11. During the WebEx tonight, there will be a short diagnostic quiz to see if people do any better on problems similar to those that were missed the most.

Have a good second week in physics!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day! Hope you don't labor too much. This post is just to let you know that I've posted the coming week's schedule so you can plan ahead for assignments.

In case you need to look at previous announcements, see the link in the menu above.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The question came up about what materials you could use on assignments. Just so it's clear, you can use notes, textbook, and website resources for any assignment other than test and quizzes unless the assignment instructions say otherwise.

Although I recommended two days ago that you check the keys to E.0.1 and MathD, few people did that according to my WebAssign reports. Taking advantage of feedback is a study habit that I expect everyone to develop in this course; therefore, I consider that part of your Commitment score. The beginning of the course is the right time to get in the habit!

I'm setting up a Lab and Problem forum so that you can ask/answer questions that the entire class can see about assignments. I'll let you know when that's available.

Have a good holiday and see you at next Tuesday's WebEx!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

This is just a reminder to talk to a potential proctor before the Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've updated the WebEx recordings page. The PowerPoint from Tuesday's session is also there.

After the due date for an assignment, you should open the assignment again and view the key. Do that for E.0.1 and MathD. I noticed that on the last item of E.0.1, 7 people chose the answer that said PH424/426 included the full, introductory curriculum. That response is incorrect. See the course description.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I've updated the schedule to include all assignments due this week and the two days after Labor Day.

For the required WebEx session tomorrow, you'll receive an email with the link to the session. Log in 5 minutes early and use both first and last names. Be sure to have your microphone hooked up and ready to go.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I've updated the schedule with a link to the course orientation and due dates for Monday's and Tuesday's assignments. Remember, this page is your starting point for your course work each day. If you have questions about what you should be doing when, start here.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I emailed everyone about checking your WebAssign accounts. Be sure to do that before Monday. You should also inventory your lab equipment before Monday. If you've lost track of the inventory sheet, here's the file.

Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm currently editing the coming week's schedule. It will be complete before Monday. This page will be your starting point each day for Physics.

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