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P101. Your First Formal Problem Assignment

You'll apply the formal problem-solving method in this assignment.

How to present your solutions

For any assignment labeled P###, there are two possible protocols for presenting your solutions. The appropriate protocol will be specified for each assignment or, in some cases, for each problem. Here are the two protocols.

Protocol How to present your solutions
Formal Use this method.
As directed Follow the instructions provided with the problem or problem assignment.

In the example problem, you'll notice that the steps of the solutions are written one below the other. There's a good reason for this standard practice. It makes it much easier to follow the solution than if several steps were written on a single line. Use the method of arranging your steps down the page rather than across it. Also, write clearly and leave double spaces between equations. All of these things will make it easier to check your paper and will make it much less likely that you will lose credit for work that the teacher isn't able to read or to find quickly.

  1. Formal: You jog at a velocity of v1 = 6.0 mi/h for 5.0 mi; then you jump into a car and drive for another 5.0 mi. With what velocity, v2, must you drive if your average velocity, vav, for the entire 10.0 miles is to be 11 mi/h? Here's the rubric the instructor will use to evaluate your work.

  2. As directed: Why isn't it possible for vav to be 12 mi/h for the problem situation above? Begin your answer by starting with the algebraic equation for v2 that you solved for in problem 1. Then tell the value that the equation gives for vav = 12 mi/h. Physically, what would that mean? Complete your answer with an explanation in sentence form in terms of time, displacement, and velocity.

Submitting your work: Scan and upload your pdf file to BrainHoney. Review as needed the Assignment Submission Requirements about submitting scanned files.

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