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P103. Chapter 2 Problems

This is your second formal problem-solving assignment. The protocol, either formal or as directed, is indicated for each problem below.

Use the method of dvats to solve the problems below.

Open your text and read the statement for problem 52 of Chapter 2. Now study this example solution before continuing with the problems below.

1.  As directed: The purpose of this problem is to give you practice in using the dvat method. Print this template. Read the problem statement and then solve the problem step-by-step in the boxes provided.

For the next 2 problems, don't write your solution on a template form but do include all of the same steps in your solution as are described on the template. This will be true of all dvat problems that you do in the future.

2. Formal: Do problem 55 of Chapter 2.

3. Formal: Do problem 94 of Chapter 2. In order to receive full credit, you must provide a symbolic, algebraic solution that leads to a formula for the unknown in terms of a velocity and two positions only. (Hence, there's no need to calculate a numerical value for the acceleration.) Of course, after solving for the unknown symbolically, you must complete the problem by substituting given values and performing checks of the solution.

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