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  P146. Interesting Gravitation and SHM Problems

For reference, here is the PowerPoint presentation, including problem descriptions.

The note-taker in your group should have already submitted the problem solution that your group came up with during the WebEx session. The teacher will review your solution and email comments for improvement to the group members. The group members should then work together via email or other means to revise the solution and prepare a final version to be submitted by the time posted in the schedule. The leader of the group may also request that the teacher set up a special WebEx session on Monday for purposes of collaboration.

The teacher will post the final version of each group's solution during the next WebEx session, and students may make their oral presentations using it. The presentation must include the items below in a linear, logical style. Organize the solution according to the way your group members will present.

  1. Description of the problem statement.
  2. Descriptive diagram(s), large and clearly labeled
  3. Identification of the physics principles used in the solution
  4. Description/explanation of the steps leading to the solution
  5. Checks of the solution as appropriate

Each group will be allotted 12 minutes for the oral presentation. Since all group members must present a significant portion of the solution, it's essential that the group coordinate in advance regarding who will present what. It's also essential that each presenter rehearse what they're going to present so that they can make efficient use of the allotted time. The teacher will stop the presentation at 12 minutes, whether or not it's complete. This is to give all groups time to present. There will be a few minutes after each presentation for questions from the class. Questions from the class are not allowed during the presentation itself.

The recommended method of presentation is for each member to take responsiblity for a particular section of the solution and present his/her part in turn. This is the easiest to plan for and coordinate in WebEx. If you have an idea for an alternate method, run it past the teacher well in advance of the presentation.

During your part of the presentation, don't simply read from the written solution. Demonstrate that you know and understand the solution by providing explanatory remarks as you present.

The group's evaluation is based on i) timely submission of the original notes from the Sunday WebEx session, ii) the clarity, completeness, and correctness of the final written version of the solution, iii) the quality of the oral presentation, including the demonstration of each participant's mastery. Each individual's evaluation is based on the preparation for the oral presentation, as demonstrated by their grasp of the solution and the smoothness of their presentation.

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