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Labs for AP Physics 1

For lab-related guides, go here. For a list of provided lab equipment, go here.

Legend of Symbols
Type of Lab Short name Description
H hands on student sets up equipment from their lab kit
V photo/video student obtains data from provided video and/or photo sources
S simulation student obtains data from a simulation
O onsite lab must be done onsite at NCSSM

Week of course Topic area Chapter in Walker Lab ID Title H V S  
Introduction to Laboratory Work / Kinematics


Units, measurement, scaling

1 L101 Accuracy and Uncertainty in Measurement check      
Kinematics, lab skills



Measuring the Speed of Sound

Lab skills   L105 The Simple Pendulum check      


1D kinematics


L107 Investigating Motion with a Motion Detector check      
2 L109 Finding Acceleration by the Finite Difference Method   check    
2 L111 Acceleration of a Falling Object check      


2D kinematics


L113 Dropped and Projected Marbles   check    
4 L115 Range of a Projectile check      


L117 The Bouncing Ball: A Challenge Lab   check    
Newton's Laws & Applications
8,9 Newton's Laws 5 L119 Newton's 2nd Law       check
5 L120 Equilibrium of Forces: A Challenge Lab   check    
5 L121 Acceleration in a Long Fall   check    


Application: Static friction


L122 Static and Kinetic Friction check      
Application: Hooke's Law 6 L123 Hooke's Law check      
Application: Circular motion 6 L124 Turntable Physics     check  
Application: Circular motion 6 L125 Acceleration of a Swing   check    
Work, Energy, and Momentum


Work and kinetic energy


P129 Work on an Inclined Plane check      


Conservation of energy


L129 Energy Curves for a Pendulum   check    


L131 Using a Pendulum and Conservation of Energy to Measure g check      


Impulse and momentum


L133 Average Force of Impact in a Rebounding Collision   check    

Conservation of momentum


L135 Conservation of Momentum and Kinetic Energy in Collisions   check    

Conservation of energy and momentum


L137 The Ballistic Pendulum   check    
Rotational Dynamics / Gravitation


Center of mass

10 L139 Conservation of Momentum and Kinetic Energy in a Two-dimensional Collision   check    


Rotational motion

11 L141 Center-of-mass Motion of a Projectile   check    
Rotational dynamics 11 L143 Period of a Physical Pendulum check      
22 Gravitation/satellite motion 12 L144 Orbits of Satellites     check  
Simple Harmonic Motion / Mechanical Waves

Simple harmonic motion


L145 Simple Harmonic Motion check      
25-27 Doppler effect 14 L146 The Doppler Effect   check    
Mechanical waves 14 L147 Speed of Waves on a Helical Spring check      
Mechanical waves 14 L148 Standing Waves on a String   check    
Sound 14 L149 Harmonics and Sound Quality check      
Resonance in pipes 14 L151 Standing Waves in Pipes check      
Electrostatics / Electrical Circuits
28,29 Electrostatics 19 L153 Investigations in Electrostatics check      
Electrostatics 19 L155 Investigations in Electrostatics: Challenge Problems check      
Electric force 19 L157 Coulomb's Law Challenge Problem     check  
30,31 Electric circuits 21 L159 Characteristics of a Light Bulb check      
Electric circuits 21 L161 Current, Potential Difference, and Resistance in Single Loop Circuits check      
Electric circuits 21 L163 Series and Parallel Circuits check      
Electric circuits 21 L165 Combination Circuits check      

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