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Last week Schedule for Week 2, Sep 1 - 5 Next week

WebEx Live Session, Tuesday, 9 - 10 PM

An automated email will be sent from WebEx with the meeting link.

WebEx preparation: See Tuesday's schedule for a preparatory assignment.

Click here to view recorded sessions.

About the Schedule

R = Reading | P = Formal Problems | E = Online Exercises |  C = Communication
M = Multimedia Problems | V = Video | L = Lab | Q = Quiz | T = Test

WA = WebAssign | BH = BrainHoney | CV = Canvas
Day ID Assignment Notes Mode
Week beginning Monday, Sep 1
M   no class        
T L101 Accuracy and Uncertainty in Measurement Your report on WebAssign is due an hour before the WebEx session. WA T,
8:00 PM
L103PL Measuring the Speed of Sound Begin the next lab by doing steps 1 and 2 of the prelab. The data is due Thursday and the report, Monday of next week. WA T  
W E.0.4 Scaling Relationships, Part 2 In this assignment, you'll explain your solutions to some scaling problems. WA W  
E.2.1 Chapter 2. Review and Practice, Part 1 This is a reading and study assignment. It will guide your study on the first 3 sections of Chapter 2.      
Th L103D Measuring the Speed of Sound Submit a scan of your original data page. Review scanning requirements. WA Th  
D103 Thinking about Scaling You'll compose your response to a scaling question. CV Th  
F C03 Proctor Information Submit the contact information for your proctor. WA F  
E.2.2 Chapter 2 Review and Study Assignment, Part 2 This is a continuation of the Ch.2 review assignment. BH F  
Week beginning Monday, Sep 8
L103 Measuring the Speed of Sound Your report is due. BH M  
E.2.3 Chapter 2 Conceptual Questions   WA M  
L107PL Investigating Motion with a Motion Detector

The prelab is due by 8:00 PM today, and the report is due Monday of next week.

In addition to completing the prelab, connect the LabQuest Mini interface and motion detector to your computer before the WebEx session. Have paper and pen available for recording data.

8:00 PM

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