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Last week Schedule for Week 23, Feb 9 - 13 Next week

WebEx Live Session, Tuesday, 9 - 10 PM

An automated email will be sent from WebEx with the meeting link.

WebEx preparation: See Tuesday's schedule for a preparatory assignment.

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About the Schedule

R = Reading | P = Formal Problems | E = Online Exercises |  C = Communication
M = Multimedia Problems | V = Video | L = Lab | Q = Quiz | T = Test

WA = WebAssign | BH = BrainHoney | CV = Canvas
Day ID Assignment Prereq Notes Mode
Week beginning Febuary 9
M,T L143D The Physical Pendulum L143PL Submit your data for the lab. WA M  
G11-3 Dynamic Application: Combining Net Force and Net Torque Methods   Study this and sections 11.4,5 before doing P144.      
P144 Rotational Dynamics Problems G11-3 This counts as a formal problem assignment, although it's on WA. WA T,
8:00 PM
  Practice Problems in Rotational Dynamics   You may work on these problems during the WX session or submit them in advance. BH T,
10:00 PM
W T5 Test on Chs. 10, 11.1-5   90-minute test proctor W  
Read 11.6,7
Th V114 Conservation of Angular Momentum   This will count as a lab score. WA Th  
F L143 The Physical Pendulum L143D Submit your analysis. WA F  
Week beginning February 16
M G11-4 Angular Momentum   Study this guide before doing E.11.3.      
E.11.3 Problems in Angular Momentum G11-4 Watch this video in advance of doing the second problem of this assignment. WA M  
T G12-1 Solving Gravitation Problems Using Proportional Reasoning   Read 12.1-3 and study this guide as an introduction to the subject of gravitation.      
E.12.1 Gravitation Exercises     WA

8:00 PM


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