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Last week Schedule for Week 32, Apr 20 - 24 Next week

WebEx Live Session, Tuesday, 9 - 10 PM

An automated email will be sent from WebEx with the meeting link.

WebEx preparation: See Tuesday's schedule for a preparatory assignment.

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About the Schedule

R = Reading | P = Formal Problems | E = Online Exercises |  C = Communication
M = Multimedia Problems | V = Video | L = Lab | Q = Quiz | T = Test

WA = WebAssign | BH = BrainHoney | CV = Canvas
Day ID Assignment Prereq Notes Mode
Week beginning April 20
M L155 Investigations in Electrostatics, Challenge Problems   Submit your revision if required. BH M  
G20-1 Electrostatic Concepts and Relationships   Study this guide together with the reading of section 20.1.      
E.20.1 Charged Particles in Uniform Fields G20-1   WA M  
T G21-1a Circuit Conventions, Definitions, and Relationships   Study section 21.1 together with this guide.      
E.21.1 Circuit Concepts G21-1a As part of this assignment, you'll need to assemble this equipment for use in the WX session. WA T,
8:00 PM
MMT Multimeter Tutorial E.21.1 You'll do this during the WX session. WA T,
10:00 PM
Read 21.2,3.
W G21-1b Circuit Conventions, Definitions, and Relationships (expanded version)   This is an expanded version of G21-1a, including the concepts of resistivity and electrical power.      
V119 Hot Dogs, Resistance, and Energy   This exercise requires taking data from a video clip. WA W  
Th L157 Coulomb's Law Challenge Problem  

Submit the completed version of this lab. Revise your analysis according to the instructor's comments and complete the Application section.

WA Th  
F L159 Characteristics of a Light Bulb   This is your first lab in which you'll make circuit measurements in order to determine a relationship. A 24-hour extension may be requested without penalty. BH F  
Week beginning April 27
M L61PL Current, Potential Difference, and Resistance in Single Loop Circuits   Do the prelab. WA M  
T L159 Characteristics of a Light Bulb   Submit any required revisions of this lab. WA T,
8:00 PM
L161D Current, Potential Difference, and Resistance in Single Loop Circuits L161PL You'll need your circuits equipment available to take data. WA T,
10:00 PM

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