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Last week Schedule for Weeks 34,35
May 4 - May 15
Next week

WebEx Live Session, Tuesday, 9 - 10 PM

An automated email will be sent from WebEx with the meeting link.

WebEx preparation: See Tuesday's schedule for a preparatory assignment.

Click here to view recorded sessions.

About the Schedule

R = Reading | P = Formal Problems | E = Online Exercises |  C = Communication
M = Multimedia Problems | V = Video | L = Lab | Q = Quiz | T = Test

WA = WebAssign | BH = BrainHoney | CV = Canvas
Day ID Assignment Prereq Notes Mode
Sunday WebEx, May 3

Activities for the WebEx session, 1-4 PM, will include exam review and taking and analyzing data for L165. You'll need your circuits equipment.


The Tuesday night WebEx session is optional. Log in only if you have questions to ask.
M,T P153

AP Lab Review Problems

  This is a required assignment which provides review for both the AP exam and the course final exam. BH M  
APMC Multiple-choice practice   This assignment is an optional but recommended review assignment. The assignment is timed for a 60-min limit. WA T  
W   AP Physics 1 Exam   There is no assignment due the day of the exam.      
Th - Sat L199 Lab kit inventory and return   Inventory your lab equipment and ship it by Saturday. mail and WA Sat,
Week beginning May 11
W C15 Test 8 notification   Notify the instructor of the arrangements that you made with your proctor for the final exam WA W,
Week beginning May 18
M P155 Electrostatics and Circuits Review Problems     BH M,
W T8 Test over Chs. 19-21   This is a 90-minute test covering electrostatics and electric circuits. proctor W,

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