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Formal Problem Assigmments

Type Description
Formal The formal problem-solving method is required in addition to any other instructions provided with the assignment.
As directed Present solutions as described in the assignment instructions.

Problem Sets
ID Type Title
P101 Formal Your First Formal Problem Assignment
P103 Formal Chapter 2 Problems
P105 Formal Pursuit Problems
P107 As directed Problems in Vector Addition
P109 As directed Motion of a Horizontally-Launched Projectile
P111 Formal Chapter 4 Problems
P113 As directed The Ballistic Cart


Net force problems in 1-dimension
P119 Formal Net Force Problems in 2 Dimensions
P121 Formal Connected Object Problem
P123 Formal Circular Motion Problems
P125 Formal Net Force Problems of All Kinds
P127 Formal Max/Min Net Force Problems
P129 As directed Work on an Inclined Plane
P131 Formal Conservation of Energy Problems (introductory)
P133 Formal Problems Dealing with Work Done by External Forces
P135 Formal Conservation of Energy and More
P137 Formal Conservation of Momentum Problems
P139 Formal Conservation of Momentum and Energy Problems
P141 Formal Conservation of Energy with Rotational Motion
P143 Formal Static Equilibrium
P144 As directed Rotational Dynamics Problems (on WebAssign)
P145 Formal Gravitation Problems
P146 As directed Interesting Gravitation and SHM Problems
P147 As directed Superposition and Interference
P149 As directed Standing Waves on a Plucked String
P150 As directed Review Problems on Wave Motion
P151 Formal Electric Forces and Fields
P153 As directed AP Lab Review Problems
P155 As directed Electrostatics and Circuits Review Problems


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