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Keyboard Shortcuts

Three of the most common shortcuts

  • For Windows: CTRL-c (copy), CTRL-v (paste), and CTRL-x (cut)

  • For Macs: CMD-c (copy), CMD-v (paste), and CMD-x (cut)

Word and Logger Pro shortcuts

Here's how to get subscripts and superscripts in Word and Logger Pro on Windows (Mac) machines.  First, select the symbol that you want to shift up or down.

  • For a subscript, hold down the Control (Command) key and type the = key.

  • For a superscript, hold down Shift-Control (Command) and type the = key.

  • To remove subscript or superscript formatting in Windows, hold down Control and type the space bar.

  • To remove subscript or superscript formatting on a Mac, simply type Command = or Shift-Command = again.

Screen Captures

  • On a Mac, hold down Command, Shift, 4. Then drag your cursor across the region you want to capture. When you release the cursor, a png file of the region will be copied to your desktop.

  • On a Windows machine, it's not as easy unless you happen to have a screen capture program. First, click on the window with the content that you want to capture. Then hold down Alt, Print Screen to copy the window to the clipboard. Open Paint from the Accessories folder. Paste the image into Paint. Crop out the unnecessary region around the table. Save the file in png format.

Unicode: You can use this code when keying in responses on free-response WebAssign items. This will make the symbols display correctly in any browser. Note that Unicode begins with an ampersand and ends with a semi-colon.

See this page for many more symbols.

Description Math
Unicode Greek
one-quarter ¼ ¼ α α
one-half ½ ½ β β
raise ( ) to the power of 2 ( )² ² γ γ
raise ( ) to the power of 3 ( )³ ³ δ δ
division sign ÷ ÷ ε ε
multiplication sign × × μ μ
degrees ° ° τ τ
plus or minus ± ± ω ω
less than or equal ≤ Ω Ω
greater than or equal ≥ Δ Δ
much greater than ≫ Φ Φ
much less than ≪ φ φ
not equal to ≠ λ λ
approximately equal to ≈ π π
less than ≺ θ θ
greater than ≻ σ σ
less than or equal to ≼ ρ ρ
greater than or equal to ≽    
infinity ∞    

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