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Assignment Submission Requirements

Due Times for Assignments

  • The default due time for WebAssign and BrainHoney assignments is 11:59 PM on the due date. Preparatory assignments for evening WebEx sessions will typically be due at 8:00 PM the day of the session.

  • Technical problems are typically not acceptable reasons for submitting homework late. Since the course schedule is published a week or more in advance, students are expected to plan ahead and start assignments at least 24 hours before the due date.

  • There are certain key assignments and labs that are prerequisite to later assignments and labs. Prerequisite assignments must be submitted before dependent assignments are accepted for evaluation. An example is a lab experience that includes preliminary assignments such as a prelab and submission of the original data page. The preliminary assignments must be completed and submitted satisfactorily before the final lab report will be accepted for evaluation. Failing to submit a preliminary assignment on time may result in dependent assignments incurring late penalties.

  • The test schedule for the semester is posted in the Course Outline. Tests must be taken on the scheduled dates unless alternate arrangements are made a week in advance with the teacher and the student's test proctor.

  • Due dates are for students who have not missed work due to excused absences. Extensions may be arranged for the latter.

File Naming Convention

All files that you submit must be named in the form assignmentcode-lastnamefirstinitial.ext, where you replace 'assignmentcode' with  the letter and number of the assignment (for example, E07), and you replace 'lastnamefirstinitial' with your last name and initial of your first name. Separate the assignment code and the lastname with a hypen (not an underscore, period, or other symbol). The extension (ext) will be determined by the type of file you're sending. Include no other characters in the file name. Here's an example of a correctly-named pdf document for Jane Doe who is submitting assignment E07: e07-doej.pdf.

A 5% penalty may be assessed on assignments that do not follow this naming convention.

Submitting Scanned Files

Some assignments will be hand-written. You're required to use a flat-bed scanner and produce pdf files for uploading to BrainHoney.

  1. In order to ensure that your writing is legible and viewable, write darkly with a soft-lead pencil or black felt-tip pen. Use a large, open font for greatest clarity. Leave 1-inch margins around the perimeter of the paper.

  2. Unless indicated otherwise in the assignment instructions, scan pages in portrait orientation so that they can be read when the file opens on the teacher's computer monitor.

  3. Keep file sizes down by scanning in grayscale, unless color is essential to present your work. A resolution of 150 dpi is sufficient. If you are unable to get files down to a reasonable size (a few megabytes or less), see these links for a compression option: http://compress.smallpdf.com or http://convert.neevia.com/pdfcompress/.

  4. Scan all the pages of an assignment to a single pdf file. Most scanner software will scan to a pdf. Look for the save options in your scanner software. If you don't have a pdf option, then you can scan pages as images and then paste the images into successive pages of a Word document. Then print the Word document as a pdf. See the Software page for information on software to create pdf documents.

  5. Name the file according to the course file-naming convention. Make sure the the filename has a pdf extension. Macs may leave this off by default, so you may have to add it to the filename. Without the extension, BrainHoney may not allow the file to be downloaded.

  6. Before uploading your file to BrainHoney, open it and check to make sure that all pages are present in the correct order and orientation, that the writing is clear, and that none of the writing is cut off on the edges.

  7. On rare occasions when you don't have a working flat-bed scanner available, the teacher may allow you to submit images from a cell phone or camera. Such use must be cleared in advance with the teacher. Scans are superior to photographs for producing sharp, distortion-free, and evenly-lit images.

  8. Do not submit files by email to the teacher, unless you've requested and received prior approval from the teacher.

  9. If you don't prepare your files as described above, you may be asked to resubmit your file and a late penalty may be applied.


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