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Approved Equations for Use on Tests

When you take the AP exam in May, you're allowed to use a graphing calculator and a list of constants and equations provided by the College Board. You may use these tools for the entire exam. In line with the College Board policy, you'll be allowed to use a graphing calculator as well the following page of constants and equations during your quizzes and tests this year. Download and print the entire set. Then you can keep it in your notebook for use throughout the year. Take time to look over the pages now to see what information you will be provided. When you solve free-response problems on quizzes and tests, you may only use these equations as starting points for solutions. You must derive any other equations that you need.

Be aware that there are some differences in symbols and conventions between the College Board equation sheet and the equations used in your textbook. We recommend that you make an equation-by-equation comparison in advance of quizzes and tests.

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