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Pascal's Principle: Dueling Syringes

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This is a demonstration of Pascal's principle. We have two syringes of different diameters connected with the plastic tube and they both have green water in it. Now we're going to try a test of strength. We're both trying to push as hard as we can, and the result I win. Now we're going to switch the syringes. We're both going to push as hard as we can but this time she wins. Now we're going to measure this quantitatively: to push the small one using the big one it takes about ten pounds. For the small one to push the big one, it takes about two pounds. Now your job is to see how consistent our results are with Pascal's principle. We've given you the forces and now we will give you the diameters of the circle the bigger syringe has an inner diameter of one inch, the small one has an inner diameter of half an inch, now you take it from there.


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