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The Transformer

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This is a demonstration of a transformer. My transformer consist of a primary coil and a secondary coil. Primary has 235, turns secondary has 2920 turns. I've got the primary coil connected to a power supply. The power supply produces alternative voltage, that alternative voltage produces an alternating current and the coil that produces an alternating magnetic field. When I put the primary coil into the secondary then the alternating magnetic field of the primary induces an EMF in the secondary. In order to see the effect of that what I'll do is connect up a light bulb to the secondary: and the light bulb lights so that shows us that there is induced current in the secondary. If I pull the two coils apart you can see the light bulb goes off. So, It's important for the flux of the two coils to be linked in this particular way; and another thing that's important is that this steel core be inside this maximizes what we call the flux linkage of the two coils. Now let's measure voltages just to see if they obey the transformer equation. I'll set this formation to alternating voltage. And, this is the voltage across the primary and this is the voltage across the secondary and later you can take those two voltages, and the turns ratios that I gave you, and see if this obeys the transformer equation.

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