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The Weekly Schedule is your guide to completing your daily assignments as well as to course resources. The two rows of links at the top of the schedule page take you to lists of course materials and other useful information about the course. The daily entries tell you what you should be doing each day in order to stay on schedule. Take note of due dates! In order to receive credit for most assignments, they must be turned in by the due date. It's important to budget your time so that you're not doing several assignments at the last minute. You need to distribute your work throughout the week. In order to help with that, we've organized the schedule by days. Here are more details on how to interpret the rows and columns of the schedule.

Day This is the day on which you should be working on the corresponding assignments. Of course, you can start earlier than that.
ID This indicates the type of assignment. See the legend in the top blue row of this table.
Assignment This is the title of the assignment. In some cases, you can simply click on the link to jump to the assignment. For WebAssign assessments, you'll need to log in to WebAssign in order to do the assessment.
Prereq This indicates if a prerequisite assignment must be completed successfully before you're allowed to submit the current assignment.
Notes Notes regarding the assignment may be given here.
Mode Submit This is the method of submitting your work. BrainHoney (or WebAssign) indicates a submission through BrainHoney (or WebAssign). See more information about submitting assignments at the menu link above.
Due Date This is the last day you may submit an assignment without penalty. If the due time isn't shown, you may assume 11:59 PM.
Check off Check this box on your schedule printout after you submit an assignment.

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