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V-type Assignments

ID Title
V101 An Introduction to Projectile Motion
V102 Newton's First Law
V103 Newton's Second Law

What Does a Spring Scale Measure?

V105 Equilibrium on an Inclined Plane
V106 Bungeeman in Circular Motion
V107 Penny on a Hanger
V108 Speed of a Toy Airplane
V109 The Impulse-Momentum Theorem
V110 Happy and Sad Balls
V111 Center of Mass
V112 Balancing a Weighted Stick
V113 Race Between a Ring and a Disc
V114 Conservation of Angular Momentum
V115 Waves on Series Strings
V117 Speed of Sound in an Air Column
V118 Beats
V119 Hot Dogs, Resistance, and Energy
V120 Series and Parallel Bulbs


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