NCCTM State Mathematics Contest
Rules of Eligibility

The NCCTM State Mathematics Contest includes three subject divisions (Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II) which are intended for students currently studying those subjects, and the Comprehensive Division, which is open to all students. The following rules, adopted by the Contest Committee on April 26, 1993, and amended most recently on September 30, 1999, determine the eligibility of students to compete in the subject divisions. The individual contest site directors have authority to apply these rules and decide whether or not particular students may compete in a specific contest. If there is doubt about the eligibility of a student, the sponsoring teacher should consult the site director as early as possible.

  1. A student may compete in only one division and at only one test site per year. However, the State Contest Committee invites non-Comprehensive contestants who achieve honor roll status on the American Mathematics Contest (AMC10 or AMC12) to compete in a regional Comprehensive contest in addition to the other division in which they are competing.
  2. Example: Glenda is studying Geometry and Algebra II simultaneously. She may compete in either subject, but not in both.  Bill is taking Algebra II and makes the AMC Honor Role.  He can compete in an Algebra II contest and can also register to take a Comprehensive contest.

  3. A student may compete only once in each subject division other than the Comprehensive. Students may compete each year in the Comprehensive division, as long as they have not graduated from high school.
  4. Example: Jerry takes Algebra I in eighth grade and competes in the Algebra I contest. He takes no mathematics in the fall of the ninth grade, and begins the study of Geometry in the spring semester. He is eligible to compete in Geometry, but he is not eligible to compete in Algebra I because he has already done so.

  5. A student may compete in Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II if he/she has been enrolled in the course during the present academic year.

    Example: Holly's school uses the block schedule and Sally takes Algebra I in the Fall and Geometry in the Spring. She can elect to participate in either the Algebra I contest or the Geometry contest, but not both.

  6. Students who qualify for the State Finals in Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II must compete in the Finals in the NCCTM Region in which their school is located, unless their school is located in Wake County.  Wake County schools will participate in the Central Region Finals in Greensboro. 

    Example:  A student lives in Anson County but goes to school in Charlotte (Mecklenburg County).  She qualifies at East Carolina (Pitt County) for the Algebra II Finals.  Since the home school is in Mecklenburg County, this student must attend the State Finals in Asheville.
  7. The State Finals in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Comprehensive are intended for the benefit of North Carolina students and all participants must be enrolled in a school program approved by the state of North Carolina.
  8. Calculator Policy:

    NOTE: Beginning in 2009 the NC State High School Contest Comprehensive Division will not allow the use of any calculator.

    The Individual Qualifying sites and the Finals in Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry may have different calculator rules, so students and teachers should check with each site before competing.

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