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Study Aids

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Using these documents

Many documents which are found on this page are in the Portable Document Format (PDF). To view these, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader which may be downloaded for free from Adobe. Get Adobe(R) Acrobat (R) Reader

Practice Tests  PDF Format
These are old tests which were once given at NCSSM Calculus classes. They will be useful to take for practice.

Derivatives Solutions    
More Derivatives and Applications Solutions    
Integrals and Differential Equations Solutions    

Review and AP® Practice Questions   PDF Format
These questions are not from actual AP® Exams and are in no way affiliated with the College Board. However, they are very similar to questions which you may encounter on an actual AP® Exam.

Mathcad Format PDF Format Mathcad Format PDF Format
Problem 1 Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 2
Problem 3 Problem 3 Problem 2


In order to check your grades for this course, you must have an alias and a password. In addition, you must sign a waiver which allows me to post your grades online. No one else should have access to your grades as long as you do not share your alias and password. To see your grades, click here

Links  Links
These links represent (in our estimation) they best of what's available on the Internet for studying Calculus. If you know of a particularly useful link which is not listed or, conversely, if one of our links is no longer up to par, please let us know.

AP Calculus on the Web
South Eastern Regional Education Service Center, New Hampshire
This site offers a wide variety of resources relating to the AP exam.
Are You Ready for Calculus I?
Brian Hassard, SUNY-Buffalo, University of Arizona
This comprehensive web-based quiz allows you to take a quiz to review in a particular area of algebra.
Calculus: Difference Equations to Differential Equations
Dan Sloughter, Furman University
This site contains both postscript and PDF formats of a calculus text book. However, of greater interest are the very useful and illustrative Java applets
Calculus Reference Page for Teachers
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
A categorical listing of calculus resources for the classroom.
Calculus Workout Visit this site for plenty of practice problems (with solutions).
Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus Resource Page
S. Waner, S. Constenoble, Hofstra University
This curriculum site is well developed and contains links, online reviews, quizzes, and Java applets
Graphics for the Calculus Classroom
Douglas N. Arnold
This site has nice and simple graphics and animations which illustrate basic calculus principles.
Help With Calculus for Idiots
Eric Gumtow
Help With Calculus for Idiots is a very well designed site with concise and useful explanation of key concepts.
Java Microscope
Arizona State University
Use this well-designed Java applet to explore slope fields.
Karl's Calculus Tutor
Karl Hahn
Karl's Calculus Tutor is a very complete site with organized topics, proofs, and examples
Laboratory Manual for Calculus
P. Bogacki, G. Melrose, P. R. Wohl, Old Dominion University
Computer activities with Mathcad and Maple V including Mathcad templates for standard Calculus applications.
Manipula Math Java Applets
International Education Software
Numerous Java applets illustrate Calculus fundamentals.

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