NCSSM Statistics Institute 2001

Simulation and Probability in AP Statistics

Explorations and Experimental Design

Scenarios for Statistical Inference

JMP-INTRO Activities


During the summer of 1999, 50 high school statistics teachers met on the campus of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) for an intensive, four-week institute on the theory of statistics. All of the teachers were experienced teachers of statistics who have developed an understanding of statistics that goes beyond the AP curriculum.

During a week in the summer of 2001, twenty-seven of these teachers returned to NCSSM to create materials that would help them teach the sections in the AP course on experimental design. These materials were produced with the help of Roxy Peck, of California Polytechnic State University and Chief Faculty Consultant for AP Statistics, Jessica Utts of the University of California at Davis and head of the AP Statistics Test Development Committee, Linda Young, of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and member of the AP Test Development Committee, and Jackie Dietz, of North Carolina State University and creator and editor of the Journal of Statistics Education.  We hope they will be of use to all statistics teachers you in their classes.

Outline of Topics

  1.   Probability and Simulation
  2. A Closer Look at Experimental Design
  3. Statistical Inference Scenarios
  4. Sample Statistical Exploration (Can Mice Learn?)
  5. Probability Games
  6. JMP INTRO: Lab Activities