Teaching Contemporary Mathematics Conference NCSSM

The Mathematics Department of NCSSM offers a two-day conference each winter filled with great talks by teachers who use technology, apply ideas to real world situations, and involve students as problem solvers. 

Topics relate to Statistics, Algebra II, Advanced Functions and Modeling, Precalculus, and Calculus. 

TCM Conference 2014 - January 24 - 25, 2014

Some preliminary information about this year's conference: here

The featured speaker will be:

Speakers at the Conference will include:

2014 Program Matrix (tentative) - Excel or PDF format

Handouts from 2014 Talks

Below is information about past conferences.

TCM Conference 2013
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2013 Agenda (PDF format)
2013 Program Matrix (PDF format)
Handouts from 2013 Talks  

TCM Conference 2012
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2012 Agenda (PDF format)
2012 Program Matrix (PDF format)
Handouts from 2012 Talks  

TCM Conference 2011
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TCM Conference 2010
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2010 Agenda (MS Word format)
2010 Program Matrix (MS Excel format)
Handouts from 2010 Talks  

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